Co-Working Spaces

How can MembershipWare help your co-working space stay organized and grow?

No matter the size of your co-working space, there are a lot of moving pieces… new membership paperwork, office and desk rentals, managing and running events, booking shared conference rooms, processing monthly payments and much more. MembershipWare combines all the different facets of managing and running a community driven co-working space. We take the hassle and confusion out of spread sheets and keep you organized with our all in one membership software!

Keep your members & offers organized
Easily stay connected with your members
Save time, money, paper & resources

Key Features

Keep your members updated by posting news, calendar events, and new member information
Avoid overbooking a room and schedule a meeting room or virtual meeting in advance
Keep your members organized with a visual directory, where they can search and interact with one another.
Easily send online offers, applications or background checks for members to fill out and e-sign for admin approval.
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