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Virtual Membership Management Software

MembershipWare - available on most devices

Your Virtual Membership Software made easy!

Easily manage your members, events & payments with our all inclusive, month-to-month, membership management software!

Easy to use, learn and manage
Enhanced features to run & grow your memberships
Unlimited support, storage & memberships

Key Features

  • MembershipWare has a flexible directory to support organizations and their people as well as individual members.
  • Resource scheduling is provided to allow members to reserve physical or virtual meeting rooms and invite selected attendees.
  • Secure virtual meeting rooms are built in and can be attended by invited members and non-members.
  • Comprehensive onboarding for new members includes options for online membership applications, e-signature of agreements, nationwide background checks, initial fees collection, recurring fees or dues setup, and an approval process that adds them to the membership.
  • A powerful payments platform automates invoicing and collecting membership fees to save your organization's administrative time and effort.
Keep your members updated by posting news, calendar events, and new member information
Avoid overbooking a room and schedule a meeting room or virtual meeting in advance
Keep your members organized with a visual directory, where they can search and interact with one another.
Each company has a profile within the directory and each member is associated with one (or more) of those companies.
Each member can update their personal profile including profile picture, bio, skills and social links.
Ability for members to search the entire platform including the directory, members, meetings and events
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See important analytics, like membership growth, in the form of visual data and graphs.
Easily send someone an invitation to join an existing company. Admin can also edit or delete members/companies.
Add a member/company to a specific building or spot within your facility. This updates your analytics on occupancy
Securely accept online payments. Members can update their payment info anytime through their company profile
Easily send online offers, applications or background checks for members to fill out and e-sign for admin approval.
Admin can keep members informed by posting information or events on the community dashboard for all to see
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